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Light Night 2016

The SPIE Student Chapter at Vrije Universiteit Brussel organised a special edition of “Light Night” with “LIGHTtalks” about careers in photonics . The event, organized within the framework of the European LIGHT2015 project, took place in May 2016 . This “Light Night” contained inspirational “LIGHTtalks” from different perspectives including:

  • a motivating talk from Dr Christ’l Joris  (ETAP Lighting/Agoria Flanders) about the presence of photonics in industry;
  • several short presentations by successful photonics alumni representing different personal career options with emphasis on the link between photonics education and career;
  • a society-oriented talk from Prof Christopher T. Middlebrook  (Michigan Technological University) about the role of SPIE in the transition from photonics education to the job market.

The talks were moderated by Prof Francis Berghmans  (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

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