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Marc Tabak

Marc Tabak Name Marc Tabak
E-mail mtabak@b-phot.org
Phone +32 2 477 63 70

Graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Brussels, Belgium, in 1986. Graduated in dental techniques from TIA Brussels in 1981.

In 1996 Marc Tabak joined the Applied Physics Department as a researcher for fundamental research on Biophotonics.

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Hugo Thienpont and Prof. Dr. Heidi Ottevaere he introduced a new measuring method to characterize medical and dental cements by means of optical fibre Bragg sensors.

Dentists, orthopedic surgeons as well as the medical industry can use these data to select and optimize a suitable cement for fixing various replacement body parts such as hips and tooth restorations, thus avoiding fractures due to undesired stress build-up or stress-related pain related to the potential energy occurring after polymerization in the area of the bonding interface in osteo- and dental material synthesis.

The monitoring of the temperature sensitivity during the setting of the cement or resin when assembling the artificial structures in human tissue may lead to loss of the adhesion between cement and bony [tooth ] structures of the restoration itself. Moreover, phenomena such as undesired percolation with microleakage underneath the restoration or synthesis contribute to the issue of the polymerization shrinkage stress.

The refinement of this innovative measuring method and the intrinsic collaboration involves an in vitro and in vivo characterization of the used materials by means of extremely compact optical fibre sensors and allows the design of a model to analyze stresses within industrial and medical resin structures.

His scientific and clinical research in the field of Biophotonics now forms a solid basis for individual improvement in new medical devices and the development of innovative materials for patients and medical applications.

For more than 20 years now, Marc Tabak has built up an expertise in the following research topics: 

  • Forensic science: material identification
  • Innovative technologies and analysis in industrial investigations on medical materials (e.g. polymers, metals and porcelain) in collaboration with the META Department
  • Research and arbitrage in national and international medical/legal lawsuits and related medical and material engineering interests.
  • Optical characterization of medical resins and cements where the role of a bonding resin cement and the stress build-op remains a critical issue.

In 2006 Marc Tabak and Prof. Dr. Heidi Ottevaere received the Formatis European Best Application Award Strasbourg under the patronage of the European Commission.

Marc Tabak obtained a permanent position as VUB expert for the Belgian Federal Government (FOD).

In 2010 he was nominated as member ‘Honoris Causa’ of the KGSO CEJA, the Belgian Chamber of Experts of the Court.

Recent Publications

H. Ottevaere, M. Tabak, K. Chah, P. Megret, and H. Thienpont, “Dental composite resins: measuring the polymerization shrinkage using optical fiber Bragg grating sensor,” presented at the Proc. SPIE, Photonics Europe 2012, 2012, vol. 8439, p. 843903.

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