B-PHOT researchers present at VUB PhD Day

June 22, 2016 at 09:54

Urszula, Agnieszka, Sidney and Qing.

Four of our B-PHOT PhDs participated at the PhD Day at the VUB.

They took the opportunity - and challenge - to explain their innovative research project in photonics through a comprehensive poster and ... a 3 minutes talk.  A very good preparation for the kind of TED talks 'under 6 minutes'! 

Their research topics cover a broad variety of photonic domains: 

'Biodegradable fiber optic technology for biophotonic applications' by Agnieszka Gierej

'Detecting and Locating Damage in Composite Materials with (Microstructured) Optical Fiber Sensors' by Sidney Goossens

'Mechanical strain amplification of fiber Bragg grating sensor for structural health monitoring applications' by Urszula Nawrot

'Proof-of-concept demonstration of a free-from optics enhanced confocal Raman spectroscopy-based optofluidic lab-on-chip' by Qing Liu

After the formal presentations and debate PhDs could participate in different sessions such as TEDx talks, Social Media to even yoga or hiphop. 

Creating more expertise or zen, certainly an event with an extra bonus! 

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