Food safety by light exhibited at Agrifoodtech in Den Bosch (NL)

December 14, 2016 at 15:29

Don't we all want our food to be 100% nutritious and healthy? Food processors and farmers face many challenges to meet the highest standards as set by the food quality control agencies.  Fulfilling these stringent requirements calls for accurate analytical measurements. Photonics technologies can answer the new needs in food safety and can help companies in their process to filter out tiny pieces of glass, stone or plastic, or insects, from mechanically harvested crops.

With over 20 years of expertise in food monitoring and screening, B-PHOT has developed efficient optical techniques that play a key role in commercial solutions. Photonics can optimize the detection between good and bad products at a high volume in a rapid, accurate and nondestructive way.

On one hand, laser-based in-line optical screenings enable the detailed sensing of food in large volumes. Spectroscopic techniques detect dangerous bacteria or carcinogenic substances such as mycotoxins and acrylamides. A second exciting area for dedicated detection tests on foods or liquids is “lab-on-a-chip”. Miniaturized polymer-based chips eliminate the need for full-equipped labs where mobile applications are required.

Join us during Agrifoodtech on 14th to 15th of December in Brabanthallen, Den Bosch to discover how photonics supports innovative food safety. 

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