B-PHOT research selected for Spotlight on Optics by OSA

November 13, 2014 at 14:53

It is generally acknowledged that a human observer will no longer perceive speckle in projected images once the speckle contrast becomes sufficiently small. However, up until now, no in-depth investigation on the perception of speckle by human observers has been investigated. B-PHOT researcher Stijn Roelandt recently investigated this topic and published his findings in a paper entitled “Human speckle perception threshold for still images from a laser projection system”*. The results were obtained using a 40 person survey and identify the human speckle perception and disturbance threshold for still images. Besides the threshold values, also the most important parameters influencing the perception of speckle were identified.

The paper has recently been selected for inclusion in Spotlight on Optics. This selection effectively reflects the relevance of the paper with the current introduction of laser-illuminated projection systems in the industry.

The paper can be publicly accessed using the following link .

* Roelandt, S., Meuret, Y., Jacobs, A., Willaert, K., Janssens, P., Thienpont, H., & Verschaffelt, G. (2014). Human speckle perception threshold for still images from a laser projection system. Optics express22 (20), 23965-23979.

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