B-PHOT researcher Degli-Eredi receives V. Ir. Br. Student Award

April 16, 2013 at 08:07

Ir. Iterio Degli-Eredi received the 2013 V.Ir.Br. Student Award during the graduation ceremony of the Faculties of Engineering and Sciences on 8th March 2013. He received this award for “the honour of most deserving student of all engineering educations of the Faculty of Engineering (VUB) and of the department of Bioengineering of the Faculty Sciences and Bioengineering (VUB)”. In his master thesis, entitled ‘Nonlinear optics in silicon microdisks’ with co-promotor prof. Hugo Thienpont and supervisor prof. Nathalie Vermeulen, he characterized and optimized the nonlinear wavelength conversion efficiency in silicon microdisks, and has shown that these structures can operate at low cost and low power, thus paving the way for cheap and energy efficient devices in telecommunication, sensing, etc…

He is currently active as a PhD student at the B-PHOT research team with an FWO grant. His research activities focus on the modeling of optical nonlinearities in silicon nanowaveguides. 

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