Dr. Ir. Nathalie Vermeulen received first renewal of her FWO PostDOC mandate

June 28, 2011 at 08:48

In the recently published list of granted fellowships of the FWO (Flemish Research Foundation), Dr. Ir. Nathalie Vermeulen from the Brussels Photonics Team was officially awarded with a first renewal of her 'FWO Postdoctoraal Onderzoeker' fellowship for the next 3 years. In total there were 91 laureates spread over all universities and research disciplines in Flanders who received a first renewal of their FWO PostDoc mandate this year. The research project that Nathalie Vermeulen will be focusing on in the coming years is entitled “Next-generation Raman lasers and Kerr wavelength converters based on silicon photonic-crystal ring resonators.” This project will be carried out in collaboration with international top-level research groups, and could yield an important breakthrough in the applicability of silicon photonic devices for ultra-compact on-chip signal generation and wavelength conversion. 

Contact info of Nathalie Vermeulen 

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