Dr. Martin Virte receives prestigious OSA/IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology award as outstanding reviewer

December 11, 2017 at 07:59

In the world of research, each new finding must go through a thorough examination process by other experts in the field of research before being published in a research journal.

This is called a peer-review, which can be considered as the actual backbone of modern scientific publications. For the authors, the process can be rather confronting as feedback or comments often lead to extra work to further improve, detail or confirm the findings. On the other hand, the reviewer invests expertise and time to examine and assess the proposed results and research work of third parties.

B-PHOT Researcher Martin Virte at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, has been recognized for his impressive behind-the-scene work as a reviewer for the OSA/IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology. As expert in laser dynamics and optical chaos, Martin has been evaluating several manuscripts submitted for publication.

“Reviewers are vital in the process of research. We all need sounding boards for analysis and recommendations in our work,” Martin comments. “Being as objective as possible when reviewing a paper, I also learn a lot as a scientist. I’m absolutely honoured to receive this certificate as a great sign of recognition for reviewers.”

With this recognition, the OSA/IEEE Journal clearly supports all the outstanding reviewers for their thorough work to make science work even better! 

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