Kanaal Z highlights B-PHOT’s innovation support for Flemish SMEs

April 21, 2014 at 10:23

B-PHOT VUB, together with Barco NV and more than 30 other Flemish companies and research institutes, is preparing a 7-years roadmap for photonics in Flanders.  The goal is to identify Flanders’ strengths and opportunities in the domain of photonics, and to elaborate a smart specialisation plan to further strengthen Flanders’ R&I capacities in photonics. B-PHOT VUB hereby emphasizes the crucial role of SMEs and has conceived a new instrument to support these dynamic and flexible, yet vulnerable companies.

“Kanaal Z” -the prime TV channel in Flanders for economic news- highlights the potential impact of B-PHOT's innovation approach in its evening journal of 17 april 2014 with a testimonial from Hans Nicasy, CEO of Peira, and Prof. Hugo Thienpont, director of research of B-PHOT VUB.

You can watch the full journal here: http://kanaalz.knack.be/nieuws/z-nieuws-items/z-nieuws-17-04-14/video-4000596934336.htm

You can watch the individual report here: http://kanaalz.knack.be/nieuws/z-nieuws-items/vlaamse-lichttechnologie-wil-doorbreken/video-4000596262824.htm

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