On Friday April 22 the SPIE Brussels Student Chapter organized a teambuilding day to further enhance the bonds between the members of the Brussels Photonics Team.

May 9, 2011 at 08:47

The event was organized by Tom Guldemont and Stijn Roelandt, president and vice-president of the SPIE Brussels Student Chapter.

The team building day started off with "pub games" which were very common in former times. These games consisted of for example “Japanese snooker”, “the cheese game”, and “horseshoe throwing”. While some games proved to be more challenging than others, all were very amusing, resulting in a lot of fun. An ideal activity to set the scene and create a pleasant atmosphere right from the start.


Around noon sandwiches and drinks were provided in the middle of the green and lush surroundings of the VUB campus. The following activity was a guided tour in one of the most famous beer breweries in Brussels, namely “Brouwerij Cantillon”. Cantillon is known for its typical Brussels beer, the “Geuze”, which can only be brewed in and around Brussels because of the special active micro-organisms that are present in the air.  A professional explanation on the artisanal beer brewing processes was given by a local guide and the explanation was spiced with interesting historical stories. After the guided tour there was ample opportunity of beer tasting. 

The next event was a “geo-caching” activity based on GPS devices. During this activity the group was split up in different teams and different peculiar places in Brussels had to be located. At each point of interest the teams were asked to perform a dedicated assignment and marks were given.  Team members had to work together to bring the assignments to a good end. As a result, the B-Phot members learned a couple of special historical facts about the city they work in. Although it was physically probably the most demanding activity of the day, it was also perceived as one of the most rewarding moments.

To conclude this beautiful and sunny day, the team visited “Restobières”, a small restaurant in the historical center of Brussels. Here all dishes are prepared with local beers. A tasty way to revisit the activities of the day and to discuss upcoming events!

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