PhD Meijie Li successfully defends her research facilitating novel laser-based applications

September 19, 2016 at 15:54

Laser-based systems are widely used in research, industry, medical care and consumer products. The optical modeling and design of such systems is essential in order to find innovative solutions for various applications, and to develop novel applications beyond the current state-of-the-art.  

Meijie performed innovative research in 'Enhanced optical modeling and design of refractive laser beam shapers and lenticular laser engraving systems'.

Her PhD thesis contributes to advancing the optical modeling and design of two laser-based systems: 

- For refractive laser beam shapers, a new design method combining geometrical optics and wave optics is proposed, which overcomes the state-of-the-art design limitations and enables various possibilities.

- For lenticular laser engraving systems, a holistic modeling approach is developed to evaluate the performance of changeable laser image both qualitatively and quantitatively, so that the design is optimized prior to fabrication.  

The enhanced optical modeling and design approaches have an impact on a wide range of laser-based (industrial) applications. 

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