Two photonics engineers selected for the Conti4x4Trophy

May 19, 2011 at 11:39

B-Phot researcher Dr. Jürgen Van Erps was selected together with former photonics student Bart Verbeeren for the upcoming Conti4x4Trophy , an event organized yearly by Continental. The Conti4x4Trophy is an off-road adventure through Morocco, in which 14 teams drive a Hummer H3 along a 1000km-long trail from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara. The Muscle Engine[ers], as Jürgen and Bart have called their team, were selected with 27 other teams out of 1500 to participate in the selection tests held in the sandpit of Chaumont-Gistoux. There, the Muscle Engine[ers] managed to finish among the 14 best teams, such that they will represent B-Phot in the Conti4x4Trophy in Morocco from June 15 to June 20.

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