B-Phot in the press

2013-10-04 Belgium  Dutch Kanaal Z VUB opent hightech lichtlab
2013-10-04 Belgium  Dutch persinfo.org Lichtlab opent in oude Oetingse fruitloods
2013-10-04 Belgium  Dutch De Morgen VUB opent hoogtechnologisch lichtlaboratorium in Gooik
2013-10-04 Belgium  Dutch Ring TV VUB opent nieuw lichtlaboratorium in Oetingen
2013-10-04 Belgium  Dutch VRT - Het Journaal De VUB opent een nieuw lichtlaboratorium
2012-05-23 Belgium  English Flanders Today Newsmagazine “Flanders Today” identifies B-PHOT as frontrunner in photonics technologies
2012-01-01 Belgium  Dutch Ondernemers “Ondernemers” magazine interviews Profs. Heidi Ottevaere and Hugo Thienpont on B-PHOT’s lab-on-a-chip research
2011-09-15 Belgium  Dutch VUB website Safer oil drilling within reach
2011-06-01 Belgium  Dutch AKADEMOS Archeology is high tech
2010-12-15 Belgium  Dutch Akademos, Informatiemagazine Vrije Universiteit Brussel B-phot news in VUB magazine "Akademos"
2010-11-02 Belgium  English Science show RTBF B-PHOT featured in ‘Matière Grise’ science show
2010-07-28 Belgium  English The Wall Street Journal Europe Photonics Explorer in the "Wall Street Journal Europe"
2010-07-04 United Kingdom  English Nature Photonics View from... SPIE Photonics Europe 2010: Champion innovations
2010-04-13 Belgium  Dutch VTM - Television station Prof. Hugo Thienpont at the VTM news
2010-04-09 Belgium  Dutch TV Brussels Interview of Hugo Thienpont with TV Brussels
2010-04-01 Belgium  English Bthere - Inflight Magazine of Brussels Airlines Let there be light
2010-03-16 Belgium  Dutch Stories Visite - Interview with Hugo Thienpont
2010-03-01 Belgium  English Bthere - Inflight Magazine of Brussels Airlines Working for a brighter future
2010-02-05 Belgium  Dutch Nieuwsblad Vlaamse onderzoekers staan internationaal aan de top
2009-05-28  English IOP SPIE Photonics Europe 2010
2009-05-21  English OLE Belgian innovation : think local, act global
2008-12-17 United States  English SPIE SPIE Europe leadership join in setting Photonics21 strategy to focus on improving quality of life, driving economy
2008-12-01 Belgium  Dutch Akademos Topwetenschapper : Prof. Hugo Thienpont
2008-08-20  English Reuter SPIE Announces Newly-Elected 2009 Officers and Directors
2008-05-06 Germany  German Informationsdienst Wissenschaft Licht an für Europas Biophotonik: Exzellenznetzwerk PHOTONICS4LIFE gestartet
2007-04-23  English SPIE SPIE Europe's Optics & Optoelectronics Congress in Prague Exceeds Expectations
2006-03-23 Belgium  English Vrije Universiteit Brussels newsletter Prof. Hugo Thienpont receives the Roger Van Geen Prize
2005-06-01 Belgium  Dutch Akademos Hoe haal je de kikker uit de spinazie ?
2004-05-08  Dutch KVIV KVIV : winnaars ingenieurs prijzen
2004-04-01  English SPIE World European Photonics
1999-10-01  English ICO newsletter International commission for Optics
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