B-Phot director Hugo Thienpont co-edits book on "Optical and Digital Image Processing".

October 30, 2010

Prof. Hugo Thienpont (director of research of B-Phot VUB)  and his colleagues Dr. Gabriel Cristobal (Research Scientist at the Instituto de Optica, Spanish Council for Scientific Research) and Prof. Peter Schelkens (director of the VUB node of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology) have published their first jointly edited book with the publishing company Wiley. The book is called "Optical and Digital Image Processing: Fundamentals and Applications". It covers the fundamental basis of  optical and image processing techniques used to solve current application bottlenecks and to create new applications. The book contains contributions from both optical and digital research communities and aims at disseminating the knowledge existing in both domains. The book also covers applications such as image restoration, medical imaging, surveillance, holography and many others. For more information http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-3527409564.html

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