Quasi-Phase-Maching of Four-Wave-Mixing-Based wavelength conversion by phase-mismatch switching

Publication date 2013
B-Phot Authors Nathalie Vermeulen, Hugo Thienpont
DOI 10.1109/JLT.2013.2263632
Y. Lefevre, N. Vermeulen, and H. Thienpont, “Quasi-Phase-Maching of Four-Wave-Mixing-Based wavelength conversion by phase-mismatch switching,” J. Lightwave Technol., vol. 31, no. 13, pp. 2113–2121, 2013.
Abstract We propose a novel quasi-phase-matching scheme for achieving efficient four-wave-mixing (FWM)-based wavelength conversion in the presence of a large phase-mismatch. The scheme is based on respectively increasing and decreasing the propagation lengths over which there is FWM gain and FWM loss by switching between two different phase-mismatch values. We discuss how such a phase-mismatch switching (PMS) approach can be optimized for wavelength conversion and show that it can be realized in silicon-on-insulator strip waveguides by switching adiabatically between two waveguide widths along the propagation path. By means of numerical simulations we demonstrate that, for a pump wavelength of 1550 nm, PMS wavelength converters can enable efficient conversion (> -23 dB) around a target signal wavelength situated anywhere in the entire near-infrared wavelength domain of 1300-1900 nm.
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