Opportunities for wavelength conversion with on-chip diamond ring resonators

Publication date 2012
B-Phot Authors Nathalie Vermeulen, Hugo Thienpont
DOI 10.1002/lpor.201200066
N. Vermeulen, J. E. Sipe, L. G. Helt, and H. Thienpont, “Opportunities for wavelength conversion with on-chip diamond ring resonators,” Lasers Photonics Rev., vol. 6, no. 6, pp. 793–801, 2012.
Abstract Recent progress in the fabrication of high-quality synthetic diamond and of diamond waveguide structures has enabled photonics researchers to start exploiting the unique optical properties of diamond for various applications. In this article the promise of on-chip diamond ring resonators for wavelength conversion based on Kerr and Raman-resonant four-wave mixing is numerically demonstrated. After examining to what extent both dispersion-engineered phase-matching and “automatic” quasi-phase-matching can be established in diamond ring converters, it is shown that such a “double-matching” approach can yield high conversion efficiencies for a wide range of wavelengths in the near-infrared/mid-infrared domain, as well as in the ultraviolet/visible domain.
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