Novel Nonlinear Photonic Functionalities in Silicon Nanowires

Publication date 2012
B-Phot Authors Nathalie Vermeulen, Hugo Thienpont
DOI 10.1109/OIC.2012.6224459
N. Vermeulen, J. E. Sipe, and H. Thienpont, “Novel Nonlinear Photonic Functionalities in Silicon Nanowires,” presented at the Proc. IEEE Optical Interconnects Conference, 2012, pp. 36–37.
Abstract We discuss two novel nonlinear photonic functionalities of silicon nanowire waveguides. First, we address the Raman gain non-reciprocity that results from the tight light confinement in these waveguide structures, and investigate what consequences this non-reciprocal effect has for Raman lasing in silicon nanowire rings. Secondly, we show that when using silicon nanowire rings for four-wave mixing experiments, one can establish quasi-phase-matching for the four-wave mixing process, simply by properly choosing the radius of the nanowire ring. We also compare this novel quasi-phase-matching approach to phase matching based on dispersion engineering.
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