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  • J. De Beeck, M. Callewaert, H. Ottevaere, H. Gardeniers, G. Desmet, and W. De Malsche, “On the Advantages of Radially Elongated structures in microchip-based liquid chromatography,” Analytical Chemistry, vol. 85, no. 10, pp. 5207–5212, 2013.

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  • J. Hereijgers et al., “A high aspect ratio membrane reactor for liquid-liquid extraction,” J. Membr. Sci., vol. 436, pp. 154–162, 2013.

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  • J. Hereijgers, M. Callewaert, T. Breugelmans, H. Ottevaere, D. Cabooter, and W. De Malsche, “A membrane microcontactor as a tool for integrated sample preparation,” Journal of Separation Science, vol. 35, no. 18 SI, pp. 2407–2413, 2012.

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