Plane-Wave Admittance Method and its applications to modeling photonic crystal structures

Publication date 2008
B-Phot Authors Krassimir Panajotov
M. Dems, T. Czyszanowski, R. Kotynski, and K. Panajotov, “Plane-Wave Admittance Method and its applications to modeling photonic crystal structures,” in Photonics Crystals: physics and technology, Springer-Verlag, 2008, pp. 253–277.
Abstract This chapter presents the mathematical basis of the plane-wave admittance method (PWAM), which is a combination of the method of lines and plane-wave expansion. In the first part of the chapter the most important equations are derived and the used admittance transfer procedure is reviewed. In the second part we show the examples of modelling photonic-crystals-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with PWAM. We analyse the resonant wavelength and modal losses as a function of photonic crystal etching depth. Next we discuss the photonic crystal parameters most suitable for obtaining single-mode regime. Finally, we consider the possibilities of using photonic crystals for stabilisation of the emitted-light polarisation and suggest a new design of birefringent and dichroic VCSEL.
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