Wavelet coding of off-axis holographic images

Publication date 2013
B-Phot Authors David Blinder, Erik Stijns, Heidi Ottevaere
DOI 10.1117/12.2027114
D. Blinder, T. Bruylants, E. Stijns, H. Ottevaere, and P. Schelkens, “Wavelet coding of off-axis holographic images,” in Proc. SPIE, Conference on Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXVI, 2013, vol. 8856, p. UNSP 88561M.
Abstract Significant research efforts have been invested in attempting to reliably capture and visualize holograms since their inception in 1962. However, less attention has been given to the efficient digital representation of the recorded holograms, which differ considerably from digitally recorded photographs. This paper examines the properties of recorded off-axis holograms and attempts to find a suitable sparse representation for holographic data. Results show significantly improved Bjontegaard delta PSNR of over 4.5 dB on average within a bit-rate range of 0.125 to 2 bpp when combining the direction-adaptive discrete wavelet transform with non-standard decomposition schemes for off-axis holographic recordings; up to 7.5% reduction of file size has been achieved in the lossless case.
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