VUB professors Francis Berghmans and Thomas Geernaert guest editors for MDPI Sensors special issue on advancements in Fibre Bragg Grating technologies and applications  

February 27, 2018 at 08:13

Optical fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors have been the subject of extensive and relentless research efforts over the past 40 years. This technology is now applied in diverse fields such as in bio and medical, and in structural health monitoring of civil and aeronautic engineering structures, FBG sensing based research and innovation is one of B-PHOT's cornerstone activities.

Our team recently took the lead in this domain in its role as Core Lab of Flanders Make' s competence cluster on Sensing, Monitoring, Control & Decision Making.

The special issue of MDPI Sensors on "Advancements in Fibre Bragg Grating technologies and applications" will focus on the latest developments and trends in this field: from research on new grating fabrication technologies to sensor applications and from grating device-level studies to new sensor interrogation technologies, interrogation and signal processing methods.

Special issues are of high interest to the readers of MDPI, allowing them to get a profound and most recent insight in a specific technology. Two of B-PHOT's leading experts, Francis Berghmans and Thomas Geernaert, have the pleasure to serve as guest editors of this special issue  of MDPI Journal Sensors.

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