Yunfeng Nie successfully defended her PhD on advanced freeform optical design methods

February 20, 2018 at 09:17

After a most inspiring PhD research and defense of her PhD thesis ‘Advances in freeform optical design methods for imaging applications’, Yunfeng has graduated as Doctor in Engineering. Including freeform components in optical systems provides numerous potentials for enhanced performance as well as compact and lightweight packaging with opportunities for mass production at low cost.

Her research contributes to advancing freeform optical design methods by developing a new multi-fields direct design method for wide-field imaging applications and introducing an aberration-based design strategy for convexly curved images. Her research stipulates that the optimization of a start design is key in freeform optical design 

Yunfeng applied her new multi-field method to design an ultrashort throw ratio projector, challenging the limitations of existing designs in both image quality and compactness. An as-built freeform ultrashort throw ratio projection system further demonstrates the effectiveness of her design method.

In addition, she applied it to enhance freeform corneal imaging system thereby greatly improving the field of view of such systems while maintaining a high resolution, obviating the use of slower scanning processes in current corneal imaging techniques. 







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