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ACTPHAST 4.0 - Accelerating Photonics Innovation for SME’s: a One-Stop-Shop Incubator

ACTPHAST - photonics innovation accelerator for European companies

InSPECT: miniature spectrometers with integrated light sources for guided tissue sensing

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InSPECT aims for real-time cancer diagnosis with miniature spectrometers integrating photonics

Photonics in food safety applications

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Photonics Innovation Center

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Published on 10 December 2018


Join us in the celebration of 90 years FWO at Kennismakers event on 14 December ! FWO (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) is welcoming over 100 national and international speakers sparking innovative ideas during the one-day scientific congress Kennismakers (Knowledge Makers). We have the pleasure to invite you to our booth during the day, where visitors can discover the power of light technology through various demos. On display: our national icon Manneke Pis explains internal light reflection for high-speed communication, photonics for food safety and authentication and for Clean Sky project.

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VUB B-PHOT installs femtosecond laser writing system for Interreg NWE photonics pilot line

Published on 05 December 2018

Example of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) Photo: Florian Lemaitre

The Open-Innovation Photonics pilot for North West Europe (OIP4NWE) aims to drastically reduce high R&D costs and time for SMEs in the field of photonics. A significant decrease of the defect rate in pilot production and a shorter throughput time can help establish a thousand integrated firms within a decade. For this €13.9m project, B-PHOT will install a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser writing system which enables the fabrication of mechanical features, optical components as well as microfluidic components in glass with a sub-micrometer resolution.

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The analogy between photons and pears

Published on 01 December 2018

The analogy between photons and pears

Trends business magazine covers how the work of Hugo Thienpont in photonics can impact the economy. How Actphast facilitates the integration of light technology in R&D for companies throughout Europe. What inspired him to pursue photonics as domain of research and innovation? And more importantly, why should any organisation consider the science of light to keep up with the pace of digitalization? 

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Come visit us at Day of Science festival today !

Published on 25 November 2018

Come visit us at Day of Science festival today !

A full day of celebration and presentation how photonics can improve our daily life. Our team B-Photonics and researchers let you experiment with the laser maze, discover art with polarization and create your own hologram for your smartphone. At Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen prof. Meulebroeck explains how light technology shines a light on the precise age of colored glass panels.

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B-PHOT cooperates with EYESTvzw for STEM-projects in Photonics

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