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B-PHOT researcher Fabian Duerr will co-chair the Freeform Optics Conference 2017 in Denver (US)

March 27, 2017 at 14:10

The 2017 OSA Optical Design and Fabrication Congress will address recent advances in three sub-conferences on Optical Design, Optical Fabrication and Testing, and Freeform Optics. 

The introduction of freeform surfaces into both imaging and non-imaging (illumination) optical systems has resulted in substantial successes.  Both in academia and industry significant work is being done to accelerate innovation in all areas of optical system evolution. 

Freeform optics applications

Freeform optical components in imaging systems provide numerous opportunities for enhanced performance and compact, lightweight packaging, for example in head-mounted displays (HMD) for augmented or virtual reality applications. 

In astronomy, telescope mirrors based on freeform optics technology can take almost any shape, potentially improving image quality over a larger field of view.

Applied in LED lighting, new freeform optical solutions are being developed to boost the optical performance and to tailor specific irradiance distributions, ranging from automotive, through street lighting to interior lighting design. 

To find out more details, please visit Freeform Optics from OSA. 

You can find the entire conference programme here

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