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Chiao-Wei Hsu

I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme to anyone interested in photonics. There is no other Master’s programme that is this internationally oriented.

Fabrication and characterization of proof-of-concept designs for 3D displays


The topic of this thesis is situated in the rapidly evolving field of 3-D displays. The future of this technology is orienting towards glasses-free truly realistic 3-D, which can be accomplished by sending different images under different viewing angles such that the left and right eye see a slightly different perspective of a scene.

There are still a couple of hurdles to overcome in order to obtain a truly realistic 3D display. At this moment, we are investigating multiple designs that could surpass these technical boundaries. In this thesis, you will be responsible for the interaction with a PhD student in discussing some of these designs and translating them into real-life demonstrators. You will be working with Fresnel lenses, diffraction gratings, LEDs, electronic components, lasers, liquid crystals, etc. Your profile should have a strong background in optics and electronics and some lab experience.

figure 1+2: You will be working with different technologies to come up with some proof-of-concept demonstrators


The goal of this work is to fabricate small-scale proof-of-concept demonstrators in the framework of 3D displays. You will work in close correlation with a PhD student and you will also be responsible for the characterization of the fabricated demonstrators. You will come in contact with different technologies and should be eager to investigate concepts outside the scope of your knowledge.

Link to webpage or article related to the subject (optional):

[1]   Hong, J. “Three-dimensional display technologies of recent interest: principles, status and issues,” Appl. Opt., OSA, 2011 , 50, H87-H115

[2]   Sluijter, M. "Ray-tracing simulations of liquid-crystal gradient-index lenses for three-dimensional displays" J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, OSA, 2009 , 26, 2035-2043.

[3]   Bogaert, L. “Single projector multiview displays: directional illumination compared to beam steering,” SPIE, 2010 , 7524, 75241R-1


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