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CEO and founder of BEST says of B-Phot :

"They are a reference in fundamental research and optical techniques. They have been, and still are, of very great value to our company.”

Information & communication

To use of photons to transport information has a few clear advantages from a physical point of view. For long-haul en metro-sized communication this has lead to the absolute predominance of fiber optical cables. Moreover, A clear trend has established in the last decade to move from metallic to photonic cables for smaller link lengths as well including even board interconnects and intra-MCM or intra-chip communication.

Such an optically enhanced interconnect approach should allow to seamlessly extend the optical fibre data path to the very heart of the data-processing chips using e.g. polymeric wave-guides, free-space refractive, diffractive or hybrid plastic micro-optical components or a combination thereof.

These approaches can only prove their value in practical and economical viable real world systems if they can be made compatible with low-cost mass fabrication technologies and standard semiconductor packaging techniques. The creation of such components, is one of the primary drivers for the research of B-Phot in the Information and Communication domain.

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