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“From an industrial point of view, our collaboration with B-Phot is interesting, because they have no problem meeting deadlines..."

Polymer prototyping and replication

Since 1996, B-PHOT has been developing an in-house rapid prototyping technology called deep proton writing . In the past years, B-PHOT has invested strongly in world-unique nanometer-precise prototyping and replication technologies for polymer photonic components thanks to the Flemish Hercules Foundation. Our technology portfolio currently comprises ultraprecision diamond tooling , hot embossing , laser welding , 3D laser lithography , in addition to deep proton writing .

This technology platform provides fabrication services to B-PHOT’s strategic research teams, to other VUB research teams, to European research institutes and university teams, and to industry.

Deep Proton Writing   Ultraprecision Diamond Tooling 
Hot Embossing  Laser Welding  
3D Laser Lithography ( Two-Photon Photopolymerization)  
Responsible: Jurgen Van Erps
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