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Intern Ioanna (16) on a photonics mission: "opportunity to see other fascinating fields of physics!"

July 12, 2017 at 08:30

One of the most rewarding activities we proud ourselves on at B-PHOT, is reaching out to young potentials to inspire them about photonics. 

Once young minds get engaged with science, they no longer perceive technology and engineering as 'things for uber nerds' and are eager to start experimenting themselves. 

Last week, Ioanna from the European Business School, finished her internship with us. During two weeks, she was on a mission to discover more about the world of fundamental and applied research in photonics. 

Next to theoretical concepts, she gained hands-on experience by measuring the interaction of light with the plastics of food packages and food products.  The quality inspection of poorly sealed food packages avoids that the food would expire before the expiration date to improve food safety. 

When we asked her how she experienced her internship, this is what she told us:  

"Many students have experienced a physics class which was boring and quickly conclude that physics isn’t exciting. But if we take a closer look; we discover that there is a lot more than what we learn at school.

When I started my internship with the photonics team of Brussels, I presumed that it would be annoying and boring, but I quickly changed my mind, physics skills aren’t only necessary in fundamental research, it is also an important expertise when you want to work in domains like health care, food contamination, environment, biotechnology or industry.

This work experience gave me the opportunity to see other fascinating fields of physics that I had never thought of before. At school, we learn about theory all the time, but physics is all about experiments and research. If we had more opportunities to learn a variety of application of physics in our daily life, then it would catch more the pupils’ attention. Physics is a course that is really underestimated and it is now time to change that! "

We couldn't agree more on that... Happy to share that at VUB B-PHOT, we have developed different initiatives to bring experiments closer to young minds! 

To spark pupils with exciting science and technology, we organize a yearly Science Show for 1500 pupils and guide regular secondary school visits at our VUB campuses. Next to that, over 2800 Photonics Explorer lab-in-a-box kits have already been distributed for use in secondary school classrooms. Our new project PHABLABS 4.0 is developing 33 workshops for youngsters as from the age of 10. The aim is to integrate photonics modules and components within the existing creative fab labs across Europe.

Thank you Ioanna for joining us, wishing you a wonderful future!

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