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16 “Brightsparks” receive a photonics certificate from B-PHOT.

December 8, 2014 at 15:59

Under the supervision of Prof. Wendy Meulebroeck, Post-doc Thomas Geernaert, and PhD researchers Lien Smeesters and Tom verschooten they visited the B-PHOT labs at the VUB Etterbeek campus, where they were initiated in the science of light. They also took part in photonics workshops, during which they received a variety of photonic challenges and problems to solve. On November 5 they visited B-PHOT’s high-tech photonics laboratories in Gooik, where Prof. Nathalie Vermeulen, Prof. Jürgen Van Erps and Ing. Dries Rosseel showed these young minds around in the clean-room lab facilities and where they demonstrated how lasers work. 

(see press article http://www.editiepajot.com/regios/12/articles/40800
Because all these bright young people (aka “Brightsparks”) performed fantastic jobs and obtained great results they received a “Photonics” certificate from the hands of the B-PHOT director prof. Hugo Thienpont. The ceremony took place on Wednesday November 26 in the VUB Promotion room.  
The Brightspark workshops are a joint initiative of the “Bekina association” and the expertise centren“Science Communication Brussels” and are intended to give young people, with a great interest in science and technology, the opportunity to immerse themselves in a series of Wednesday afternoon activities in a specific field of research. This year’s photonics workshops at B-PHOT VUB were organized by  Nathalie Debaes, Tine De Pauw and Jef Van Laer.

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