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B-PHOT participates in webinar on optical spectroscopy

January 15, 2016 at 13:27

Glass research

Traditional ancient glass research methods are accurate, but involve bulky equipment. B-PHOT conducts research on the feasibility of UV-VIS-NIR absorption spectroscopy. The research shows that this is a valuable first-line analysis technique that can help with the interpretation of artefacts. The presentation given on glass research gives feedback on the applied methodology for two real-life case-studies.

Food safety

Food quality and food safety is a hot issue. Current food screening methods are insufficient; they are time-consuming and error-sensitive, and a decent screening method is missing.

During the past 15 years, the research of Prof. Meulebroeck and Prof. Ottevaere has proven that photonics can be of great help in defining an efficient and fast screening method able to minimize food loss and fraud. The research comprises solid products as well as liquids. The related optical phenomena used for sensing are absorption, scattering and fluorescence.

During the webinar several examples are highlighted, covering applications where the spectroscopic sensing is done on a macroscopic platform as well as illustrations of miniaturized measurement systems. 

Spectroscopy on-chip

Most present-day lab-on-a-chip implementations rely on bulk optical instrumentation external to the microfluidic chip for read-out, monitoring or analysis. Miniaturised portable systems are difficult to realise, however there is a large demand for these optical detection units. This webinar also touches upon various integrated miniaturised photonics-enhanced polymer optofluidic chips.

Watch the webinar here .

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