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B-PHOT's outreach activitities in association with EYESTvzw

August 25, 2014 at 11:32

Today there is a chronic shortage of science graduates to deal with the future challenges. There is a high demand for environmentally friendly energy, the evolution of smart cars and safe smart cities, the growing evolution for better treat life-threatening diseases and improve quality of life.

STEM platform

This provides an enormous opportunity to stimulate young people to STEM education and to guide them to fascinating technological and socially relevant jobs. The four components of STEM ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics’ are all individually very important. But the strength of STEM is the cooperation on common ground where these components meet and are interlinked. And of course in common ground with the social and other sciences and professional fields.

The STEM platform drew up a charter to increase the attractiveness of STEM courses and professions and to enhance the coherence and interdependence through a comprehensive cooperation between STEM actors.

STEM in action

VUB, B-PHOT and EYEST signed the STEM charter and are investing with conviction in a range of activities that strengthens the coherence of the STEM fields. As STEM ambassadors, EYEST and B-PHOT offer together  an educational kit, the Photonics Explorer to excite and educate youngsters in the fascinating world of Photonics and other science events for everyone to make Photonics a household word.

If your company or institute, would like to be informed about the ongoing activities, the opportunities, the events, and the latest news please contact Hugo Thienpont  or Nathalie Debaes.

Are you looking for exciting activities that are appealing to you or your students, please read the magazine below!

B-PHOT events in 2016:


B-PHOT past success events:

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