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B-Phot Researcher Martin Virte received the 2014 Graduate Student Fellowship from the IEEE Photonics Society.

November 10, 2014 at 10:50

With the Graduate Student Fellowship Award, the IEEE Photonics Society recognizes, every year, ten outstanding student members worldwide for their research work. In 2014, the fellowship has been awarded to B-phot researcher Martin Virte, along with 9 other young researchers across the world, in recognition of his paradigm-shifting research about the nonlinear dynamics of quantum dot laser diodes. Martin is among the three European-based researchers distinguished this year.

Martin received the master in engineering with a major in photonics from the French “grande école” Supélec (now CentraleSupélec) in 2011. At the same time, he also received the Master of Science in physics from Supélec in collaboration with the Université de Lorraine.

Since 2011, he was working toward the PhD degree in the frame of a joint program between the B-Phot lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the OPTEL research group of Supélec. His research focuses on the nonlinear dynamics of lasers, optical chaos and its applications. In particular, he made the first report of chaotic polarization fluctuations in a free-running laser diode [1], and demonstrated that this dynamics could be efficiently exploited to generate random number at extremely high-speed with a simple scheme [2]. On the 20th of October 2014, he successfully defended his PhD thesis, and is now a full-time post-doctoral researcher at B-Phot.

Martin has currently published 8 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, including a nature photonics article, and more than 15 contributions to international conferences. He regularly serves as a reviewer for several international journals, including the journal of lightwave technology, the IEEE journal of quantum electronics and optics express.

[1] M. Virte, K. Panajotov, H. Thienpont, and M. Sciamanna, “Deterministic polarization chaos from a free-running laser diode”, Nature Photon  7 , 60-65 (2013).

[2] M. Virte, E. Mercier, H. Thienpont, K. Panajotov, and M. Sciamanna, “Physical random bit generation from chaotic solitary laser diode”, Opt. Express  22 , 17271 (2014).

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