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Over 1500 young minds dive into Photonics during Science Show

October 25, 2016 at 16:29

The Science Show is a yearly event where we welcome over 1500 pupils and 120 teachers from 2nd and 3rd grade of secondary schools for an interactive Science Show on photonics.

During this two-days event on October 24 and 25, 29 schools participate in an educational show about photonics that explains the basic concepts of light technology. A team of passionate PhD researchers demonstrate real-life experiments about the origin of light, infrared light, fluorescence, tunable lenses, color mixing, endoscopy and optical fibers.  Students take part at the show and assist in the experiments on stage. During an exciting quiz they can test their knowledge.

A special Boys & Girls Congress allows 60 participants to visit labs and follow workshops covering a broad range of themes such as light painting, 3D holograms with smartphones, a solar boat race, optical communication, the light labyrinth, apps and magical tricks with light.

Students get a closer look into the science of light and find out that photonics surrounds us everyday. Think of LED screens for smartphones or the newest Virtual Reality goggles. Delicious Belgian fries are often scanned by the light to reduce dangerous toxins in food. Cancer can be detected and treated faster through smart light-guided biopsy needles.  The show aims to inspire future engineers for STEM educational programs that enable them to contribute to a lighter, brighter, and healthier world.






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