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Special edition of science-show "Photonics: the technology of light"

November 9, 2015 at 10:05

On the 26th and the 27th of October, ten young B-PHOT researchers teamed up for a lively and interactive Photonics science show, where they showcased basic but important concepts of light and light technology. These concepts were illustrated with cutting-edge real-life applications.

More than 1500 students from 45 secondary schools came to the VUB to participate in one of the three photonics science shows. The students were introduced to lasers for medical applications, LEDs for energy-efficient lighting, solar concentrators and 3-dimensional displays.

During the show the students were also invited to participate in a quiz using their mobile phones. The student with the most correct answers and the shortest response time received a nice prize at the end of the show.

Volunteers from the public joined our researchers on stage to assist them with experiments using infrared light, fluorescence, tunable lenses, color mixing, endoscopy, optical sensors, and much more.

Some reactions of the teachers:

“The nice thing about the show is that you get to see many applications in everyday life. This way, the students find that science is truly fascinating.” - Mrs Cornil, KA Geraardsbergen

“Lively sciences in a fun, understandable way brought by specialists.” - Mr Rubben, Immaculata Instituut Brugge

“An interactive show, brought with a lot of enthusiasm. This is a nice way for the pupils to meet young researchers.” - Mrs Devriendt, SIGO! Lennik

“Interesting, instructive, tailored to the pupils, up to date, intensive, modern, intellectually challenging, not too long nor too short, entertaining!” - Mrs Dewit, Don Bosco Technisch Instituut, Sint-Pieters-Woluwe

Some reactions of the students: (They commented via text message, so the comments are anonymous.)

“The show was super! Everyone was very spontaneous, and the explanation was very clear! It was a great show!”

“The show was very entertaining and interesting. The researchers are very cool!”

“Photonics is more fun than electronics.”

“Super! The show brings physics to life! That’s what I enjoy, thank you very much!”

“Very nice, well demonstrated and I’ve learned a lot. I think that’s the most important!”

In the framework of the International Year of Light 2015 and the European project GoPhoton! the B-PHOT group of the VUB not only organized three exciting science shows, but also a Girls&Boys congress. During this congress, 90 students who attended the science show in the morning, followed interesting workshops about light in the afternoon. They could choose from the following topical themes: light painting, laser lab visit, 3D hologram with smartphone, solar boat race, optical communication, light labyrinth, apps and magical tricks with light,  and art with polarization (under guidance of an artist from London).

The students especially enjoyed the hands-on experiments. 

DSC07148 (Large) DSC07153 (Large) DSC07225 (Large) DSC07227 (Large) DSC07234 (Large) DSC07266 (Large) DSC07279 (Large) DSC07290 (Large) DSC07292 (Large) DSC07297 (Large) DSC07303 (Large) DSC07310 (Large) DSC07314 (Large) DSC07318 (Large) DSC07331 (Large) DSC07337 (Large) DSC07383 (Large) DSC07408 (Large) DSC07531 (Large) DSC07538 (Large) DSC07539 (Large) DSC07541 (Large) DSC07562 (Large) DSC07635 (Large) DSC07637 (Large) DSC07653 (Large) DSC07655 (Large) DSC07661 (Large) DSC07673 (Large) DSC07687 (Large) DSC07697 (Large) _A779003 (Large) _A779004 (Large) _A779042 (Large) _A779045 (Large) _A779054 (Large) _A779088 (Large) _A779098 (Large) _A779104 (Large) _A779110 (Large) _A779113 (Large) _A779115 (Large) _A779128 (Large) _A779129 (Large) _A779152 (Large) _A779158 (Large) _A779167 (Large) _A779181 (Large) _A779189 (Large) _A779190 (Large) _A779191 (Large) _A779194 (Large) _A779204 (Large) _A779210 (Large) _A779213 (Large) _A779217 (Large) _A779226 (Large) _A779232 (Large) _A779243 (Large) _A779254 (Large) _A779261 (Large) _A779272 (Large) _A779294 (Large) _A779301 (Large) _A779304 (Large) _A779321 (Large) _A779335 (Large) _A779342 (Large) _A779348 (Large) _A779350 (Large) _A779355b (Large) _A779356 (Large) _A779371 (Large) _A779374 (Large) _A779377 (Large) _A779381 (Large) _A779421 (Large) _A779435 (Large) _A779441 (Large) _A779446 (Large) _A779449 (Large) _A779455 (Large) _A779474 (Large) _A779476 (Large) _A779477 (Large) _A779484 (Large) _A779491 (Large) _A779492 (Large) _A779497 (Large) _A779500 (Large) _A779506 (Large) _A779513 (Large) _A779527 (Large) _A779531 (Large) _A779543 (Large) _A779547 (Large) _A779558 (Large) _A779564 (Large) _A779570 (Large) _A779571 (Large) _A779576 (Large) _A779583 (Large)
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