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  • N. Vermeulen, C. Debaes, and H. Thienpont, “Mitigating Heat Dissipation in Near- and Mid-Infrared Silicon-Based Raman Lasers Using CARS - Part I: Theoretical Analysis,” IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quantum Electron, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 770–782, 2007.

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  • U. Demirbas, A. Sennaroglu, N. Vermeulen, and H. Ottevaere, “Continuous-wave fiber-pumped Cr2+: ZnSe laser,” in Proc.SPIE, 2006, vol. 6190, p. 61900A.

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  • N. Vermeulen, A. A. Fotiadi, C. Debaes, K. Panayotov, and H. Thienpont, “Iterative resonator model describing the continuous-wave operation of a Raman laser,” in Proc. SPIE, 2006, vol. 6190, p. 61900Q.

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  • A. Sennaroglu, U. Demirbas, N. Vermeulen, H. Ottevaere, and H. Thienpont, “Continuous-wave broadly tunable Cr2+: ZnSe laser pumped by a thulium fiber laser,” Opt. Commun., vol. 268, no. 1, pp. 115–120, 2006.

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  • N. Vermeulen, C. Debaes, A. A. Fotiadi, K. Panajotov, and H. Thienpont, “Stokes-Anti-Stokes Iterative Resonator Method for Modeling Raman Lasers.,” IEEE J. Quantum Electron., vol. 42, no. 11, pp. 1144–1156, 2006.

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