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  • H. Thienpont et al., “Chip-Scale Optical Interconnects,” presented at the 88th OSA Annual Meeting “Frontiers in Optics,” 2004, p. 118.

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  • L. Desmet, R. Buczynski, W. Graboski, J. Van Erps, M. Vervaeke, and H. Thienpont, “Wave-Optical Components for Reconfigurable Short-Distance Optical Interconnects,” presented at the Wave-Optical Systems Engineering II, 2004, vol. 5182, pp. 182–196.

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  • L. Desmet et al., “Micro-Optics for Photonic Interconnections to Silicon chips,” presented at the International Conference on Optics, 2004, pp. 85–86.

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  • L. Desmet, M. Vervaeke, J. Van Erps, S. Brantegem, and H. Thienpont, “Design and implementation of an on-campus free-space laser datalink: a photonics case-study for electrical and photonic engineering students,” presented at the Photonics North, Photonics/Optics Education and Training, 2004, vol. 5578, p. 5578E.

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  • J. Van Erps, L. Desmet, M. Vervaeke, E. Stijns, and H. Thienpont, “Investigation on Metal Reflection Coatings of Free-space Optical Components with Integrated Fan-out DOE’s,” in Proc. Symp. IEEE/LEOS Benelux, 2003, pp. 277–280.

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  • M. Khoder, G. Verschaffelt, R. M. Nguimdo, X. Leijtens, J. Bolk, and J. Danckaert, “Digitally tunable dual wavelength emission from semiconductor ring lasers with filtered optical feedback.”

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