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  • B. Brichard, J. Fernandez, H. Ooms, and F. Berghmans, “Fibre-optic gamma-flux monitoring in a fission reactor by means of Cerenkov radiation,” Measurement Science & Technology, vol. 18, no. 10, pp. 3257–3262, 2007.

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  • A. Brignon et al., “Assessment of space radiation effects on solid-state Brillouin phase conjugate mirrors,” Applied Optics, vol. 46, no. 22, pp. 5329–5335, 2007.

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  • B. Brichard et al., “Reduction of the radiation-induced absorption in hydrogenated pure silica core fibres irradiated in situ with gamma-rays,” Journal of non-crystalline solids, vol. 353, no. 5–7, pp. 466–472, 2007.

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  • M. Szpulak et al., “Single-polarization single-mode photonic band gap fiber,” ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A, vol. 111, no. 2, pp. 239–245, 2007.

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  • A. Gusarov, D. Doyle, L. Glebov, and F. Berghmans, “Radiation-induced transmission degradiation of borosilicate crown optical glass from different manufacturers.,” Opt. Eng., vol. 46, p. 043004, 2007.

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  • B. Tortech et al., “Gamma radiation induced loss in erbium doped optical fibers.,” J. of Non-Cryst. Solids, vol. 353, pp. 477–480, 2007.

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  • T. Nasilowski et al., “Sensing with photonic crystal fibres,” in Proc. IEEE International symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing (WISP 2007), 2007, pp. 1–6.

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  • T. Nasilowski et al., “Sensing properties of Bragg grating in highly birefringent and single mode photonic crystal fiber,” in Proc. SPIE, Photonic Crystal Fibers, 2007, vol. 6588, p. 65880I.

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  • T. Nasilowski et al., “Sensing applications of photonic crystal fibres,” in Proc. SPIE, Lightguides and Their Applications III, 2007, vol. 6608, p. 660802.

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