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A membrane microcontactor as a tool for integrated sample preparation

Publication date 2012
B-Phot Authors Heidi Ottevaere
DOI 10.1002/jssc.201200477
J. Hereijgers, M. Callewaert, T. Breugelmans, H. Ottevaere, D. Cabooter, and W. De Malsche, “A membrane microcontactor as a tool for integrated sample preparation,” Journal of Separation Science, vol. 35, no. 18 SI, pp. 2407–2413, 2012.
Abstract A membrane microcontactor suitable to perform liquidliquid extraction as well as evaporation in order to conduct enrichment steps in sample preparation of organ samples has been designed, fabricated, and characterized. Spacers of 100- or 200-mu m high were constructed in a metal substrate with a channel width of 13 mm and the extraction kinetics in these channels was evaluated. The spacers were designed such that at the entrance and exit region a uniform flow distribution could take place and that a uniform flow profile could be guaranteed along the channel, hence allowing a large freedom in sample volume to be processed. The extraction and evaporation kinetic behavior of the device was first evaluated by extraction of a drug candidate (4-(2,5-dimethyl-pyrrol-1-y1)-2-hydroxybenzoic acid). To evaluate the device under more challenging working conditions, a homogenized mice kidney sample containing the drug candidate that was administered in life condition was cleaned and enriched with the extraction and evaporation modules and characterized by high-performance liquid chromatography, yielding an overall analysis time of 1520 min per sample only. The system has the potential to be operated in a continuous fashion, making it appealing to be implemented in screening or high-throughput applications.
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