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  • B. Van Hoe et al., “Optical fiber sensors embedded in polymer flexible,” in OPTICAL SENSING AND DETECTION, 2010, vol. 7726.

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  • T. Martynkien et al., “Highly birefringent microstructured fibers with enhanced sensitivity to hydrostatic pressure,” Opt. Express, vol. 18, no. 14, pp. 15113–15121, 2010.

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  • T. Geernaert et al., “UV Bragg Grating Inscription in Germanium-doped Photonic Crystal Fibers,” in Proc. SPIE, Photonic Crystal Fibers Iv, 2010, vol. 7714.

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  • T. Geernaert et al., “Point-by-point fiber Bragg grating inscription in free-standing step-index and photonic crystal fibers using near-IR femtosecond laser,” Opt. Lett., vol. 35, no. 10, pp. 1647–1649, 2010.

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  • C. Sonnenfeld et al., “Capteurs à fibre optisue pour matériaux composites.,” presented at the 11ème Colloque Internat. Francophone de Club CMOI/SFO, 2010.

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  • T. Geernaert et al., “Bragg Grating Inscription in GeO2-Doped Microstructured Optical Fibers,” J. Lightwave Technol., vol. 28, no. 10, pp. 1459–1467, 2010.

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