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Production of InorganicThin Scintillating Films for Ion Beam Monitoring Devices

Publication date 2005
B-Phot Authors Hugo Thienpont, Jurgen Van Erps, Michael Vervaeke
M. Re et al., “Production of InorganicThin Scintillating Films for Ion Beam Monitoring Devices,” 2005, pp. 808–810.
Abstract In this work we present the development of beam monitoring devices consisting of thin CsI(1) films deposited on Aluminium support layers. The light emitted by the scintillating layer during the beam irradiation is measured by a CCD-camera. In a first prototype a thin Aluminium support layer of 6 micron allows the ion beam to easily pass through without significant energy loss and scattering effects. Therefore it turns out to be a non-destructive monitoring device to characterize on-line beam shape and beam position without interfering with the rest of th irradiation process. A second device consists of an Aluminium support layer which is thick enough to completely stop the impinging ions allowing to monitor at the same time the beam profile and the beam current intensity. Some samples have been coated by a 100 A protective layer to prevent the film damage by atmosphere exposition. In this contribution we present our experimental results obtained by irradiating the samples with proton beams at 8.3 an 62 MeV. We also propose some innovative applications of these beam monitoring devices in different nuclear sectors such as cancer proton therapy and high intensity beam accelerators.
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