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EU projects

B-Phot has been involved in Sixth and Seventh framework programme (FP6 & FP7 ) projects and is also very active in the Horizon2020 programme with several european projects.

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NARNIA: New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to ancient material studies SMETHODS Vector Access Center for Photonics Innovation Solutions and Technology Support <img src="http://www.logomaker.com/logo-images/51501a4902e1b77b.gif"/> <a href="http://www.logomaker.com"><img src="http://www.logomaker.com/images/logos.gif" alt="free logos" border="0"/></a> GRAPHENICS GoPhoton-logo EXPEKT- Photonics Explorer - Developing a photonics educational kit for Europe's secondary schools.

Current Projects

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  • Erasmus Mundus Master in Photonics

    Five leading research and educational institutions in Europe are collaborating to offer a joint Erasmus Mundus Master of Science programme in Photonics, providing a top-quality education in all aspects of photonics.


    The development of multi-color or broadband light sources has revolutionized the world of optics, photonics, and of science and technology in general. Especially broadband sources with mid-infrared emission could have a tremendous impact on various aspects of people’s daily lives. Despite their great application potential, mid-infrared broadband light sources are not yet being widely used. Such widespread deployment is mainly being hindered by compactness and portability issues.

    To overcome this bottleneck, 4 international research partners, namely Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (Poland), Vienna University of Technology (Austria) and University of Toronto (Canada) will be collaborating in the frame of the “GRAPHENICS” project funded by the European Commission. The project targets mid-infrared broadband light generation on a chip where both the chip and the pump laser exciting the chip are made extremely compact. The pump laser to be developed will be a novel small-sized pulsed fiber laser optimized for mid-infrared operation without the need for a bulky cooling system. The chip that will be excited by the pump source will contain the revolutionary material of graphene, which enables efficient broadband light generation within an ultra-small foot print. By finally bringing the pump laser and chip together and by demonstrating the portability of the setup as a whole, the GRAPHENICS partners want to pave the way to the widespread use of mid-infrared broadband light sources in real-life applications. 

  • GoPhoton!

    GoPhoton! brings photonics closer to society.

    GoPhoton! is a European project by the European Centres for Outreach in Photonics (ECOP) and funded through the 7th framework programme of the European Commission. It aims to bring photonics closer to society and to inform the general public at large as to the ubiquitous and pervasive nature of Photonics in our lives. The goal is to make Photonics a household word, gaining recognition and support for the amazing opportunities and growth potential that Photonics represents for society.

    The highlight of the project will be the organization of many different activities concentrated in a "PhotonicSplash". These PhotonicSplashes will last several days and will happen across Europe travelling from participating city to participating city throughout 2015, The Year of Light.

    During each PhotonicSplash, students, teachers, industry, other research institutes as well as the general public will have the opportunity to learn about Photonics by visiting research centers during open day events, going to exhibitions, attending talks, participating in workshops, and taking part in all sorts of educational, entertaining and fun events revolving around the concept and applications of light.

  • NARNIA: New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to ancient material studies

    NARNIA is an interdisciplinary project , the main objective of which is to provide young researchers with the means to conduct research on ancient Eastern Mediterranean  material culture and to develop their analytical skills through a series of research and training activities.


    In recent years much progress has been made in the realization of “on-chip” spectrally broadband light sources. The working principle of these devices is based on the conversion of a narrow-band excitation laser pulse to a broadband output pulse. Although such light sources have many application possibilities, when excited with commercially available near-infrared pump lasers their light generation efficiency is too low for practical use. The NEXCENTRIC project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) aims at dramatically improving the on-chip broadband light generation at near-infrared excitation. Hereto, novel carbon-based materials will be introduced into the device design. This way, near-infrared-pumped “on-chip” broadband light sources could finally become suitable for practical use in, amongst others, biomedical applications such as non-invasive optical glucose analysis and skin tumor detection.


    Through fully integrated collaborative training sessions, SMETHODS will provide professional assistance, delivering design and feasibility studies, as well as hands‐on training in a variety of optical design and simulation.

  • Vector

    VECTOR (Versatile Easy installable Connector incorporating new Technologies for accelerated fibre Optic network Roll-outs in Europe) aims to develop and commercialize an innovative low-cost highly performing field installable connectivity system.

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