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Optical Design and Simulation have a tremendous potential to support disruptive research and product innovation. Optical/photonics systems design is a fast developing field that plays an important role in the technology of the XXI‐st century. The importance of its further development grows constantly due to the necessity of achieving a higher quality for a range of modern devices, where optical systems are one of the main parts.

Modern optical/photonics solutions cannot rely on standard design rules, but continuously require complex customized designs. To boost the uptake of optical design and simulation as enabling technologies, the EU granted  the support action called “SME’s Training and Hands‐on Practice in Optical Design and Simulation” (SMETHODS), which is targeted mainly at users from small and medium enterprises (SME’s).

Through fully integrated collaborative training sessions, SMETHODS will provide professional assistance, delivering design and feasibility studies, as well as hands‐on training in a variety of optical design and simulation tasks in :

  • imaging optics
  • non imaging optics
  • wave optics
  • diffraction optics

The sessions will be held at various places, as close as possible to customers. After the completion of the training, the participants will receive a certificate.

The SMETHODS training will be free for employees of all companies and for members of academic research groups, with priority for employees from SME's.

Project duration

09/2011 - 03/2014

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Key Researchers

Youri Meuret Youri Meuret
+32 2 629 34 51

Hugo Thienpont Prof. Dr. Ir. Hugo Thienpont
+32 2 629 35 69
Managing Director

Johan Vlekken Johan Vlekken
+32 479 40 17 28
Senior Business Developer

Nathalie Debaes Nathalie Debaes
+32 2 629 10 18

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Hugo Thienpont
Prof. Dr. Ir.
Hugo Thienpont
Managing Director
Nadia Cornand

Nadia Cornand
+32 2 791 68 52

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