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Compact high-quality LED projection systems (CLEP)

It is the goal of this project to create a new innovative technology platform within BARCO, allowing the development of specific LED projection systems. The big difference with the available ultra-compact projection systems is that our projection applications should have a high image quality.

We want to investigate possible optical architectures for projection systems that use LEDs as light sources. Our systems should have a minimal light output of 100 lm which is not an easy task due to the limited luminance (lm/sr.m2) of today s LEDs. New and innovative LED illumination systems should be developed to solve this critical problem. Other aspects of the intended projection systems are the high image quality and the limited dimensions. If we want to combine these two features we will have to design specific optical architectures that are different from today s optical architectures for projectors that use arc-lamps. The system should also be very robust and efficient. A lot of experimental testing of the LED light sources and the other optical components is certainly needed to fulfil this specific demand.

Project duration

12/2004 - 05/2007

Key Researchers

Youri Meuret Youri Meuret
+32 2 629 34 51

Related Research areas

Display & Illumination
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Hugo Thienpont
Prof. Dr. Ir.
Hugo Thienpont
Managing Director
Nadia Cornand

Nadia Cornand
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