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Research areas

B-Phot has a nice track record in the Photonics Research. The director of B-Phot, Prof. Dr.Ir. Hugo Thienpont received for his excellent contribution to research a Methusalem Grant.

This page shows all B-Phot research areas.


Biophotonics is an ambitious, multidisciplinary research area that utilizes light-based technologies in medicine and life sciences. The term derives from two words of Greek origin: ‘bios’ means life and ‘phos’ light. Biophotonics refers to the interplay between light and biological matter.

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Microstructured Optical Fibres

B-PHOT  has developed expertise in modelling the optical and thermo-mechanical characteristics of different types of MOF and has established a broad portfolio of novel MOF designs for diverse applications.

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Display & Illumination

Advanced simulation models, in-house developed design algorithms and high-quality demonstrators are our tools to develop innovative optical components and systems in the domain of illumination optics and visual displays.

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Optical spectroscopy

Our research focuses on the use of absorption, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy in a variety of application domains ...

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Micro-optics is a generic technology that allows the manipulation of light and the management of photons with “micron”- and “sub-micron”-scale structures and components.

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Integrated Photonics

The development of integrated optical devices on semiconductor wafers has dramatically changed the world of optics, photonics, and of science and technology in general. The integrated photonics group at B-PHOT aims at conceptualizing, designing and demonstrating novel integrated photonic devices relying on both linear and nonlinear light-matter interactions.

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In the past decade the TONA Department at the VUB gained considerable expertise in the physics and technological charac­terisa­tion of VCSELs (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers )

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