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3D projection displays

3D projection displays

Displays in general are constantly becoming more advanced. Their size, resolution, brightness, contrast, color gamut and energy efficiency have tremendously improved in recent years. Despite these important enhancements of the image quality, most displays are still limited to showing two-dimensional information.

We investigate novel displays based on the application of projection technology to visualize three-dimensional information. We consider systems that require special eyeglasses to perceive the 3-D effect and systems that can be viewed without. We have designed and demonstrated a new polarization-based stereoscopic projection system that modulates a left and right eye image with orthogonal polarization states from an unpolarized light source without using external polarizers to obtain the different polarization states. In this way, the light throughput of the stereoscopic projection system is boosted. We have also designed and demonstrated a compact multiview projection system that makes use of image steering integrated screen technology to create different views of an object. This method enables 3-D visualization without special eyeglasses and with look-around capability. Our current research is focused on increasing the viewing zone density of this type of multiview displays in order to obtain a fully realistic and satisfying 3-D viewing experience with a compact and cost-efficient system.

Research Area

Display & Illumination

Main researcher(s)

Lawrence Bogaert Lawrence Bogaert
+32 2 629 36 58

Stijn Roelandt Stijn Roelandt
+32 2 629 36 58

Other people involved

Youri Meuret Youri Meuret
+32 2 629 34 51

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Hugo Thienpont
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Hugo Thienpont
Managing Director
Nadia Cornand

Nadia Cornand
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