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Microstructured Optical Fibres

Micro-Structured Fibres

Microstructured optical Fibres (MOFs), also known as photonic crystal fibres, have been around for about two decades now.

B-PHOT  has developed expertise in modelling the optical and thermo-mechanical characteristics of different types of MOF and has established a broad portfolio of novel MOF designs for diverse applications including:

  • Temperature independent pressure, transverse force and shear strain sensing for structural health monitoring
  • Vibration measurements
  • Dispersion management in telecommunication systems
  • Low bending loss connections in Fibre-To-The-Home systems
  • Amplification and beam delivery in fibre laser systems

B-PHOT  uses both in-house and commercially available software for the modelling and design of MOFs. Its laboratories are also fully equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for characterizing MOFs.

B-PHOT  is involved in the following projects that use micro-structured fibre technology

  • The EU FP7 funded Integrated Project ACTPHAST - Access Center for Photonics Innovations Solutions and Technology Support
  • The COST MP1401 Action - Advanced fibre laser and coherent source as tools for society, manufacturing and lifescience
  • The Brussels Wind Energy Research Institute BruWind
  • The Flemish IWT funded SBO project e-SHM - Effective Structural Health Monitoring with additive manufacturing
  • The Flemish IWT funded SBO project SSC - Self-Sensing Composites
  • The Flemish FWO funded project Biodegradable fiber optic technology for biophotonic applications
  • The Flemish FWO funded project Robust vibration-based damage identification with a novel high-accuracy strain measurement system

Our Team Members are:

Francis Berghmans , Thomas Geernaert , Tigran Baghdasaryan , Sanne SulejmaniSophie AcheroyBen De Pauw , Urszula Nawrot

For administratie matters please contact Mrs. Majorie Jammaers


Francis Berghmans Francis Berghmans
+32 2 629 39 26

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Latest publications

  • S. Sulejmani et al., “Control Over the Pressure Sensitivity of Bragg Grating-Based Sensors in Highly Birefringent Microstructured Optical Fibers,” IEEE Photonics Technol. Lett., vol. 24, no. 6, pp. 527–529, 2012.

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  • T. Geernaert et al., “Towards Flexible Photonic Sensing Skins with Optical Fiber Sensors,” presented at the Proc. IEEE RAS-EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics, 2012, pp. 628–633.

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  • A. Tuan Nguyen et al., “Enhancement of  vector modulational instability,” in 2nd EPS-QEOD Europhoton2006 Conference, TuC9, 2006.

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  • A. Tuan Nguyen et al., “Enhanced cross phase modulation instability in birefiringent photonic crystal fibers in the anomalous dispersion regime,” Opt. Express, vol. 14, no. 18, pp. 8290–8297, 2006.

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A full overview of all publications in the field of Microstructured Optical Fibres can be found in our publication database

B-PHOT cooperates with EYESTvzw for STEM-projects in Photonics

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