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Hole-assisted low bending loss fiber for Fiber-To-The-X (FTTX) applications

SEM image of a fabricated hole-assisted fiber

Although present-day service providers bridge the last kilometers in the telecom network using copper wires, the increasing number of subscribers and the potential growth of the bandwidth demand in the coming years require a shift to all-optical full service access networks. One of the drivers to allow for low cost fiber-to-the-home and fiber-in-the-home deployments is a low bending loss fiber that can be handled as though it were a metal cable for ease of handling. Indeed, bend diameter limitations of standard single-mode fiber is becoming a problem for access-type wiring, including home wiring, which is likely to be curved in small curvatures at the corners of walls and in ducts.

This research topic emphasizes on the design, prototyping and testing of hole-assisted fibers targeting a minimal coupling loss when butt-coupled to standard single-mode fiber, cut-off wavelength well outside of the optical telecom window and last but not least minimal bending loss for small bending radii. We collaborate with the Marie-Curie Sklodowska University (Lublin, Poland) for the fabrication of the microstructured fibers. Fully vectorial mode solving simulations predict the optical performance and elaborate tolerancing analysis evaluates the manufacturability of the hole-assisted fiber design. Advanced metrology is used to characterize key parameters of the hole-assisted fibers, i.e. bending loss, cut-off wavelength, etc.

Research Area

Microstructured Optical Fibres

Main researcher(s)

Jurgen Van Erps Jurgen Van Erps
+32 497 80 07 94

Other people involved

Christof Debaes Christof Debaes
+32 2 629 10 18

Francis Berghmans Francis Berghmans
+32 2 629 39 26

Latest publications

  • J. Van Erps et al., “A low loss 180 degrees coupling fiber socket making use of low bending loss hole-assisted fiber,” in Proc. SPIE, Micro-Optics, VCSEL’s, and Photonic Interconnects II, 2008, vol. 6992, p. 699203.

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  • J. Van Erps et al., “Mass manufacturable 180 degrees-bend single-mode fiber socket using hole-assisted low bending loss fiber,” IEEE Photonics Technol. Lett., vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 187–189, 2008.

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