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Jobs - Internship Marketing & Communications

Jobs: Internship Marketing & Communications

The Photonics Research Group (B-PHOT Brussels Photonics) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel is looking for an intern to support the marketing and communications department. We would like to welcome a student (preferably from a marketing or communication programme) who can be versatile and help promote our research group.

You will work together with our marketing manager and other colleagues to carry out a wide range of tasks. We offer a perfect internship for students who like to develop their skills in a polyvalent manner and we are happy to give you the opportunity to grow in your favourite fields. This certainly includes the necessary support, but above all the freedom to experiment and learn.

You will work in an international and young team where English is the main language (Dutch is optional). At our research group, we aim to promote our research and innovation and our master's programme worldwide in English, but we also cooperate locally (at the Flemish level) in STEM projects. If the situation allows, you will mainly operate from our green campus in Etterbeek (Brussels). Teleworking is possible by mutual agreement. Sporadically, you will also visit our high-tech campus in beautiful Gooik (Flemish Brabant). B-PHOT will be a very varied internship environment with many opportunities!

Possible tasks

This is your chance to shine! Some of the opportunities:

  • You will have joint control over our social media, both content-wise and technically. You will start from an idea and develop it into concrete action and elaborate on the existing strategy! This means that you have graphic skills (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are not unfamiliar to you) and can handle video. Creative talent is appreciated and encouraged!
  • For this, you will be in contact with many people. You will have conversations with colleagues, students, professors, alumni,... and work with them to tell stories to the target audience.
  • B-PHOT has numerous projects with associated websites. You will manage those platforms and be interested in taking a look under the bonnet (we will give you technical tricks that are essential for marketers!). You provide the websites with the necessary content (writing articles, making videos, photography, etc.) and make adjustments/optimisations where necessary.
  • Managing, setting up and analysing the Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads.
  • SEO optimisation
  • Advertising: with a limited budget, you get the chance to explore advertising opportunities on various social media and other channels.
  • Collaboration across the Vrije Universiteit Brussel: the general marketing department, the Faculty of Engineering, other research groups,...
  • ... (add your own!)

Apply now!

We recruit enthusiastic reinforcements throughout the year! Preferably, you will complete an internship for at least 2 to 3 months. B-PHOT offers you an unpaid internship at the Free University of Brussels, an international and dynamic environment. We will provide you with a laptop if necessary and will also take care of your travel expenses by public transportation. In mutual consultation, we will outline your internship based on your preferences.

Send an e-mail to b-phot@vub.be with the subject 'Internship' and briefly explain who you are and why you see yourself in our team! We will get back to you quickly!

B-PHOT and photonics

Photonics is the study of light and the technology that focuses on detecting, generating, transporting and processing light. The research group B-PHOT (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) develops technology both in the high-tech Photonics Campus and on VUB's main campus, that deploys light in sectors such as agriculture, mobility, smart cities, food safety, IT, sustainability,...

Previous internships

Kaat Catteeuw, intern 2022

"In January 2022, I started my internship at B-PHOT at VUB as a marketer. I was allowed to do an internship for a period of ten weeks in a very fun and instructive environment. I had no prior knowledge of photonics or other sciences, and that was not at all necessary. My supervisor, Timo, was always there for me throughout the internship. Not only for all my questions but also, for example, for a nice lunch in the VUB restaurant. The tasks I was allowed to do were very broad and varied. One day I got to take pictures in the classrooms, another day I made Facebook ads and another day I got to make and edit a video around International Day of Women and Girls in Science. So every day is definitely different."

"The internship was not only in Dutch but also in English. That ensured that my English skills really grew. You have very nice international colleagues at B-PHOT with whom you work together on a regular basis."

"I can only recommend this internship. The supervisor held a meeting with me every week. The team definitely takes into account which tasks you like to do and which ones less so, because B-PHOT wants you to grow in what you really like to do. That was definitely the case with me! Finally, (re)discovering the vibrant city of Brussels and the campus in Etterbeek is also a big plus!"

Kaat Catteeuw 3