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Jobs - Lead designer and tester of photonic integrated circuits

Job Opening - Lead designer and tester of photonic integrated circuits

Position Description

Brussels Photonics (B-PHOT) is a renowned research group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB, Belgium) that has been active in the field of photonics for more than 35 years. With 50 international experts, the group comprises 5 teams covering the full research cycle towards various photonics applications. B-PHOT’s research and innovation supply chain from modelling and fabrication to characterization and proof-of-concept demonstration is located in brand-new research facilities on the VUB Photonics Campus Gooik. Over the years, B-PHOT also acquired both theoretical and experimental expertise on photonic integrated circuits (PICs) made of silicon (Si), silicon nitride (SiN), indium phosphide (InP) and diamond. For example, B-PHOT’s nonlinear photonics team led by ERC Grant Holder prof. Nathalie Vermeulen realized important breakthroughs in the modelling and experimental demonstration of nonlinear spectral broadening of laser pulses in Si and SiN PICs covered with graphene. Nowadays, B-PHOT’s research activities with PICs target a wide variety of (nonlinear) photonic functionalities for various application domains, ranging from optical communication and optical sensing to biomedical analysis and health care.

The current job offer covers the following activities:

  • Designing PICs (mostly InP but also SiN) for nonlinear photonic experiments along the design rules used at foundries with multi-project wafer services. The functionalities of the PICs are determined
    together with the members of B-PHOT’s nonlinear photonics team.
  • Testing the fabricated PICs and performing experiments with the PICs jointly with the nonlinear photonics team.
  • Taking the lead in PIC design support at B-PHOT by providing high-level technical supervision for all PIC design activities in the different B-PHOT teams.


  • Required degree: PhD in Engineering (preferably Photonics Engineering) or PhD in Physics, combined with long-term experience in the field of PIC development (i.e., senior profile)
  • You have extensive hands-on expertise on PIC design for foundry-based fabrication. Your expertise covers both waveguide simulation tools and mask layout tools.
  • You have experience with the experimental characterization of active photonic components on InP PICs.
  • Experience with pulsed on-chip InP lasers and/or basic knowledge on nonlinear photonics is a plus.
  • You are interested in pushing the boundaries of PIC development while also providing high-level supervision and support for other PIC designers in B-PHOT.
  • You are good at working independently while also enjoying collaboration with others as a co-worker and as a supervisor.
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • You are well organized and you like taking initiative for concrete actions to obtain the targeted results.


Would you like to join our group? We offer a full-time contract with a competitive salary for senior staff on a pay scale laid down by Belgian university rules, depending on your experience and merits. After an initial test period of 6 months, we can provide you a long-term position. At VUB we guarantee an open, inclusive, and diverse workplace and we offer you the opportunity to further grow your career.

On top of that, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A dynamic and friendly work environment at B-PHOT with top-level lab facilities and brand new offices at the VUB Photonics Campus Gooik;
  • Maximal reimbursement of your home-work transportation with public transportation or by bike (note that the VUB Photonics Campus Gooik can be reached by train in combination with dedicated shuttle service);
  • A hospitalisation insurance;
  • The opportunity to give input on your job content and life-long learning via VUB LRN;
  • Ecocheques;
  • An open and positive work atmosphere with attention to your work-life balance and a unique holiday arrangement of 35 days (with full-time employment).


Interested in this job offer? Please submit your detailed CV (including a copy of the PhD diploma) and a concise motivation letter before the 1st of August 2021 to Besides the criteria enlisted above, applications will be evaluated based on their overall quality. If your application is selected, you will be invited for a (teleconference) interview.

Questions about this offer? Contact prof. Nathalie Vermeulen.

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