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Heidi Ottevaere

Heidi Ottevaere Name Heidi Ottevaere
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Heidi Ottevaere  was born in Halle, Belgium in January 1974. She graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in 1997 as an electrotechnical engineer with majors in Photonics. She joined the Applied Physics Department that year as a teaching assistant. In February 2003 Heidi received the PhD degree in applied sciences for her work entitled: “Refractive microlenses and micro-optical structures for multi-parameter sensing: a touch of micro-photonics”. During her thesis she gained expertise on the optical characterisation of microlenses and the fabrication of microlenses with deep proton lithography in particular. She was also involved in optical fiber sensing, where she demonstrated a novel method to characterize dental resin cements. From 2003 onward she continued her career as a post-doc researcher at the VUB. She made research efforts in a large variety of fundamental and applied research topics, most of them situated in the domain of micro-photonics and micro-optics. In particular she has built up expertise in the following research topics: plastic micro-optics based on deep proton lithography, interferometric measurement techniques and biophotonics. Since 1st October 2009 Heidi obtained a permanent position and now holds a Professor position at VUB.

Currently she is supervising the research on micro-optical instrumentation. She is pursuing her research in this domain and is responsible for the supervision of several micro-optical related industry oriented research projects. Three years ago she also initiated together with her colleagues a research group working on biophotonics. The latter research happens in collaboration with different European top-research groups.

She is promoter or co-promoter of some basic research projects, which are financially supported by regional and national bodies such as the Fund for Scientific Research Vlaanderen (FWO) and the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. She is also deputy workpackage leader of the “Centre for Measurement and Instrumentation” of the European 6th FP Network of Excellence on Micro-optics “NEMO” and of the work package “Optical components and subsystems from micro- to nano-scale in Biophotonics” of the European 7th FP Network of Excellence on Biophotonics “Photonics4Life”.

Heidi Ottevaere is author/co-author of 32 Science Citation Index publications in peer-reviewed international journals. She has more than 90 publications in international conference proceedings, is author of 3 chapters in scientific monographs and acted 7 times as invited speaker at international conferences. She is co-inventor on 1 patent application.

Recent Publications

J. Van Erps, M. Vervaeke, H. Ottevaere, A. Hermanne, and H. Thienpont, “Deep Proton Writing for the rapid prototyping of polymer micro-components for optical interconnects and optofluidics,” Nucl. Instrum. Methods in Phys. Res. B, vol. 307, pp. 243–247, 2013.

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G. Belay, H. Ottevaere, Y. Meuret, M. Vervaeke, J. Van  Erps, and H. Thienpont, “Demonstration of a multichannel, multiresolution imaging system,” Appl. Optics, vol. 52, no. 24, pp. 6081–6089, 2013.

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A. G. Mignani, L. Ciaccheri, A. A. Mencaglia, H. Ottevaere, and E. E. S. Baca, “Optical measurements and pattern-recognition techniques for identifying the characteristics of beer and distinguishing Belgian Beers,” Sens. Act. B-Chem., vol. 179, no. SI, pp. 140–149, 2013.

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J. Hereijgers et al., “A high aspect ratio membrane reactor for liquid-liquid extraction,” J. Membr. Sci., vol. 436, pp. 154–162, 2013.

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S. Acheroy, P. Merken, H. Ottevaere, T. Geernaert, H. Thienpont, and F. Berghmans, “Influence of measurement noise on the determination of the radial profile of the photoelastic coefficient in step-index optical fibers,” Appl. Optics, vol. 52, no. 35, pp. 8451–8459, 2013.

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